It is my great honor to welcome you to join the 26th International Conference of the Society for Medical Innovation and Technology (SMIT) to be held in Shanghai, China, from 18-20 September 2014.

During the 26 years’history of our society, SMIT 2014 will be a historical one as this is the first time that SMIT conference coming to China, a country of great population and opportunities. After 30 years rapid economic development, China has emerged as second largest economy in the world, it now has impacted the world in so many different ways, certainly medical technologies is one of important areas.

Emerging for Impacting are the key words we want to share with you,from here in Shanghai, I warmly invite you to come to the most open and dynamic city in China. As a scientist, engineer, clinician or entrepreneur, you will find Shanghai is the most inspiring place for innovation, collaboration and commercialization of medical technologies. With global challenges of aging population, rising healthcare and unstable economic situation, together we need to find new ways to solve traditional and future problems.

But in tradition we find our wisdom and strength, please do not miss an opportunity to explore the traditional beauties of Shanghai and surrounding areas. Standing by the Huang Pu River, and looking at the skyline, you will be sure that we can make it work and we can make impact to the world.

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